Notice the difference? 09.09.05

Can you actually spot the difference? The Campus Network Group (CNG) website underwent a major design overhaul in mid-August. After much collaboration with web designer Einstei Gan (BS BIO '01), the end-product is finally online. The new site has a cleaner look and feel, it is well-organized and easier to navigate. But beyond the eye candy, the website is now comprised of three distinct sections: the Main Site, HelpDesk, and Mirrors.

The Main Site is a portal or gateway to all of CNG's services. In this section, users will be able to read University network related news and announcements. A more prominent Contact Information section is, likewise, now in place so that users will know how to get in touch with the group.

In line with the growing computing needs of the University, CNG felt the need for a website exclusively dedicated to customer care. Hence, the creation of a separate CNG HelpDesk Site. Here, users will be able to sign up for accounts, download self-help documents and go over the FAQ section. CNG is currently preparing a Campus Network Survival Guide.

The HelpDesk site is far from complete and we encourage users to contribute network-related questions, suggestions and computing tips for the further improvement of the site and, consequently, our services.

The purpose of the Mirrors Site is to provide a University repository of the most commonly downloaded productivity software (i.e. web browsers, pdf readers and the like). This way, users no longer have to download free software directly from the Internet. This results in faster download speeds and, at the same time, frees up precious bandwidth. Again, users are encouraged to submit requests for *legal* software that they would like to be added in the repository.