Free spreadsheet suite now available 10.20.05

Gnumeric 1.6.0 for Windows, an open source spreadsheet program, is now available for download at CNG Mirrors.

The open source program is compatible with Microsoft Excel and will also import Lotus 1-2-3, Applix, Sylk, XBase, Open Office, Quatro Pro, Dif, Plan Perfect and Oleo spreadsheet documents. While compatibility with Microsoft Excel is not 100%, the program does an acceptable job of importing said documents.

Gnumeric's core features are as follows:

      100% of the worksheet functions in MS Excel (tm)
      60 functions not found in MS Excel (tm)
      Basic support for financial derivatives (Black Scholes)
      Basic support for telecommunication engineering
      Advanced Statistical analysis
      Extensive Random Number generation
      Linear and Non-linear solvers
      Inter sheet dependencies
      3D dependencies
      Implicit intersection
      Implicit iteration
      Dynamic dependencies
      User defined names (for ranges and functions)
      Arrays values and formulas

To know more about the program, visit the Gnumeric homepage at .