How to filter spam 11.17.05

Unsolicited mail or spam is something we all have to live with. While our mail servers have spam and virus filtering in place, the system can NEVER be perfect. Thus, some spam or email viruses may still get through.

On the other hand, some genuine emails may be incorrectly marked as spam or rejected as infected. This is the reason why, and as a matter of policy, we only mark suspect messages as spam rather than delete them outright.

The user can, however, filter incoming messages so that all messages that are marked as POSSIBLE SPAM are deleted automatically. And if the message is indeed a SPAM, the user can purge it from the Inbox.

Configuring Filters on the Web Interface of

  • Log in to your account
  • Click the Options button on the top menu bar
  • Select Filters under the Mail Management section
  • Check the Edit your filter rules link
  • At the bottom of the page, add a filter rule to the Rules Definition section

    EXAMPLE: To filter emails labeled as possible spam, check the Subject: field and enter POSSIBLE SPAM in the Text box

    NOTE: Rules are applied in numerical order. If an email matches more than one filter rule, the lower-numbered rule is applied first. Depending on the action of the first matching rule, the email may not pass through the other filter rules anymore (e.g. it has been moved out of your Inbox).

    You can change the position of a particular rule by selecting it and clicking on either the Move Down or Move Up buttons.

  • When you are done creating rule, click the Apply Rules button