Guidelines for the Electronic Mailing Lists

The Blueboard serves as a campus bulletin board for annoucements, notices, updates, and schedules of activities that are of concern to administrators, faculty, and staff of the various offices in the Loyola Heights, Rockwell and Salcedo campuses.

The Blueboard is not intended for: personal mail, junk mail or spamming, chain letters, or advertisements of commerical products.

Would the annoucement you wish to post be appropriate to send out as a campus-wide memo? If so, then it would probably be suitable for the Blueboard.

Please remember that:

  1. messages should be sent in-line (not as an attachment)
  2. messages should be sent in text format and not with html formatting
  3. not everyone in the Loyola Schools is subscribed to the Blueboard so do not assume that everyone with an e-mail account will get your message
  4. there are subscribed Blueboard members from other units/offices such as AGS, AHS, APS and affiliates who will also be receiving your posting
  5. students are not members of the Blueboard and as such do not receive, and as a rule, cannot post messages to the Blueboard